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Sharing Hope and Providing Knowledge. is published by the American International AIDS Foundation which is a Non-Profit Charitable Organization committed to providing timely, accurate and easy to understand information about AIDS and HIV to a global audience.  As the first stop on the Internet for thousands of people worldwide who seek information every day about AIDS and HIV, is devoted to being a comprehensive global resource.

On our site you will find:

  • Basic information to frequently asked questions about AIDS/HIV.
  • Regularly updated links to many AIDS and HIV organizations from around the world.
  • A calendar of events for aids walks, charity events and more.
  • Up-to-date AIDS and HIV news.
  • A listing of government resources, Medical Doctors and treatment facilities.
  • FDA approved home testing kits for those who would like to know their HIV status confidentially and anonymously.
  • The ability to support our organization through the purchase of everyday household, office and healthcare products and other services such as travel which are offered at a discount through our advertisers and sponsors in our “Shop our Supporters” section”.

Our founding mission is to “Share Hope and Provide Knowledge”.

American International AIDS Foundation plans to “Share Hope” by producing event based fund raisers, such as AIDS walks/runs, golf tournaments, wine tasting, fashion shows, art exhibits, celebrity auctions, and more, throughout the country to benefit local, national and international AIDS groups. In addition, we will promote online donations for our continued operations to share with other deserving non-profit AIDS charities that will greatly benefit from our high profile campaigns.

American International AIDS Foundation plans to “Provide Knowledge” to the world about all things AIDS and HIV related.   One of our goals is to create and distribute literature to schools, churches and community groups who seek information to educate their members on the facts and perils of AIDS and HIV.  We hope to follow up the distribution of literature to these groups with the scheduling of quality speakers at their public events who can verbally convey our message of education, awareness, prevention and early diagnosis.  We will also publish a very comprehensive list of relevant web sites offering detailed (medical, scientific, etc) information on the disease.

Our hope is to be instrumental in providing knowledge and awareness to the youth of the world about this disease who can learn and share with others about how to avoid risky behavior or otherwise take proper precautions.  If provides enough knowledge to just one person who can avoid this fate, then our mission is on the way to being fulfilled.

American International AIDS Foundation will seek out and monitor emerging information about the latest treatments, drugs and clinical trials and report on the progress we hope will someday lead toward an eventual cure.

As a Non-Profit charitable organization American International AIDS Foundation completely depends on the support of its advertisers, contributions from sponsors and the good will of our readers who donate to our mission of “Sharing Hope and Providing Knowledge .  Please take a moment to help us in our endeavor by making a small contribution at Support

We will continually increase our informational service and product offerings as our site grows so continue to check back at

Thank you.

American International AIDS Foundation,
A Non-Profit Charitable Organization       

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